I have received a number of messages recently about how people, who are not full time authors with an office away from home, find time to write.  There is no single answer to this since everyone’s situation is different. 410958 Whether you are a stay at home parent or go to another place to work, if you really want to write, you will find the time.  I have found that it is all down to organisation and being focused.  It is also very important to set yourself realistic goals.  It is not easy to write 2,500 words daily, so don’t set yourself that kind of target.  You may only have time to write 250 words a day  (or less).  Set yourself a small target and reach it.  Once you have established a routine for when you write, you may feel that you can increase your target.  The most important thing is that you enjoy the time that you spend writing and whatever happens, if you don’t reach your target, don’t beat yourself up because there is another day.  Any words you write are an achievement and a step closer to completing your novel.

     Be warned, if you write at home, you will get interrupted, unless you do it whilst the rest of your household are asleep or out and even then there’s no guarantee.  Interruptions will occur and you mustn’t get stressed out about it.  It has happened to me, more times than I can count, and I have finally realised that there is no point getting upset since more precious time gets wasted.  stressedWhilst writing this blog, my daughter, Phoenix, asked me for something and I had to take a few deep breaths.  My son, James, is currently a DJ in Norway and he video calls me numerous times a day, which I love, but inevitable the calls do, at times clash, with my writing – that just happened!

     You must get all aspects of your life balanced.  It is so important to spend quality time with your family and friends and this is not negotiable.  I find that I write better and quicker when I have spent real quality time with my family and friends.  When James visits, I spend as much time as possible with him and at the moment Phoenix is still on her twelve and a half week school holiday and we have done loads together and there is still more to do.  I can hear you ask, has my writing suffered?  I don’t think it has. a40659bc7fcfcc9db0e1f99342ecabd6_1462218180_cropped I may have had to juggle more  (if that is possible), when I write or do writing related activities.  Since I recently published my debut novel, A Few Bad Boys, I naturally have to market it, which is very time consuming.  I am still cracking on nicely with my second novel, Survival At Any Cost and I am blogging, fortnightly at the moment.  My brain is constantly thinking about my writing projects.  On my birthday I went to my favourite restaurant and sold a signed copy of my book to the restaurant owner.  When I am on the beach I scribble down ideas or use my dictaphone, if I am waiting for an appointment I update my social media, when I exercise I plot stories in my head etc. etc.

     If writing is what you really want to do, whether it part time, full time or as a hobby you must ensure the other areas of your life are balanced.  Once you achieve this, everything in your life will improve and you will feel happier about your writing goals and aspirations.

     I hope this helps you etastablish a routine that fits in with your lifestyle and that you now have an achievable word count that you are happy with.  Remember, writing is meant to be enjoyable for you, so allow yourself the time to write and never give up.

     If you have any queries about anything, or have an idea for a topic that you would like me to cover, please let me know.

Until next time keep chasing your dreams!




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